Donate to The Parenthood

We are a community of mums, dads and supporters who have a shared vision -- to help Australia become a community that supports parents to raise healthy, thriving children. 

Together, we are fighting for government policies and business initiatives that will help us achieve our vision universal access to high quality early childhood education and care for all children, for family-friendly workplaces, for adequate paid parental leave for all families and and a community that values children.

Over the last seven years we’ve had some great wins. We stopped cuts to paid parental leave three times. We won a no jab no play policy. We even had ALDI commit to keeping junk food out of kids' lunchboxes. We're doing everything we can to fight for positive policy changes that will benefit all Australians. 

But there is more to be done.

Can you chip in to make sure we can continue to campaign on issues like early learning and care, paid parental leave and family-friendly workplaces?